Andrew Barker
Remakes of Older Dragon Quests Coming Soon to Android and iOS
And maybe Dragon Quest VII and X someday too...
09.07.14 - 2:45 AM

Square Enix have confirmed they will be continuing to release Dragon Quest games on Android and iOS, according to comments made Noriyoshi Fujimoto, producer of the Dragon Quest mobile titles.

"This is new information that hasn't been pushed out much, but we are going to be releasing (in order) from Dragon Quest I, starting sometime in September, and then well be releasing subsequent games like Dragon Quest II and Dragon Quest III every month, maybe every two months," he said. "In terms of pricing, its still yet to be determined but because these are classic games, the cost will probably be lower than Dragon Quest VIII and Dragon Quest IV which are currently out."

He continued, "In Japan, the classic games have gotten a revamp in terms of quality, so we're going to take one of the newest iterations of the classic Dragon Quest I and re-localize it for the mobile version. You may be aware, but the first Dragon Quest released in North America was released in 1989 so we're not going to take that version, we're going to take a revamped version."

In a separate interview with SiliconEra, Fujimoto also mentioned Square Enix are interested in localising Dragon Quest VII on Nintendo 3DS, but are concerned it won't sell well enough.

"In terms of Dragon Quest VII, it has a lot of text to go through and translate, and we've received so many requests and so much positive feedback about the game, but unfortunately, we have to consider the cost and the manpower needed to handle the sheer load of text," he said. "In terms of scenario and script, the game is probably one of the largest in the franchise. If a lot of people can buy it and support it... well, we cant promise anything."

He has also mentioned they're interested in bringing over Dragon Quest X, but are again concerned about the cost against actual sales.

In other words, if you'd like to see these titles, make some noise!