Andrew Barker
Supercell Songwriter Ryo Composing For Bravely Second
I'm pretty excited by this.
07.30.14 - 12:35 AM

It seems that Revo (of Sound Horizon) won't be returning as music composer for Square Enix's Bravely Second. Instead, ryo from Supercell (known for his use of Vocaloid, tracks in Project Diva, and anime Bakemonogatari's ending theme), a personal favourite of mine, will be in charge of creating the game's music. The change has taken place according to scheduling conflicts with Revo.

While the game will mostly feature new music, some tracks from the original Bravely Default will also be reused. Famitsu has mentioned a new trailer for the game, featuring some of ryo's music, will be out soon.

Bravely Second is currently in development for Nintendo 3DS.