Andrew Barker
Horde Chopper Mount Free For a Limited Time in World of Warcraft
Get to the chopper! / They came from...behind.
07.24.14 - 11:09 PM

At the end of web-based video series Azeroth Choppers, a vote was given to players by Blizzard Entertainment in regards to whether a new Horde or Alliance chopper mount would be added to World of Warcraft.

Surprising no one, Horde won the vote, and now the new Horde Chopper can be claimed for free by all players who log into their accounts before September 30th. While all players can have the chopper attached to their account, only Horde-aligned characters can ride it.

World of Warcraft's new expansion, Warlords of Draenor is expected to release on or before December 20th.