Andrew Barker
Secret of Mana on iOS is Getting an Update
Don't forget: it'll be coming to Android eventually too!
07.22.14 - 2:05 AM

Considering it was released around 3 years ago, it seems strange that Square Enix have just released an updated for Secret of Mana on iOS. Nevertheless, that's exactly what they've done! Version 3.03 of the game changes the following:

  • Gamepad support has been added.
  • Character controls have been expanded from the 8-directional pad to full 360 movement. The previous 8-directional pad can still be enabled via the Options menu.Background music now loops smoothly.
  • High-resolution font support has been added.
  • High-resolution support has been added for certain parts of the user interface.
  • Retina display is now supported and features a decorative border on the game screen.

The game still isn't available on Android, though producer Masaru Oyamada previously mentioned that he is currently working on a port.