Andrew Barker
Guild Wars 2's Living World Has Been Entangled
New content has arrived! Check out our updated gallery to see it.
07.22.14 - 12:29 AM

Last week, new content was added to the ongoing saga of Guild Wars 2's Season 2. In the first, previously released episode, "Gates of Maguuma," a ruthless new threat emerged, and among its first victims were the Zephyrites, peaceful traveling merchants whose legendary airship Zephyr Sanctum suffered a horrific crash at the hands of a saboteur.

In Episode 2, known as "Entanglement," lethal, fast-growing vines that have plagued the Brisban Wildlands have now spread further afield. Additionally, a new are called Dry Top is now available to explore, and using the new story journal, you'll be able to reply this and previous events as many times as you want to unlock rewards.

We've also got some new screens, so check out our updated gallery.