Jeremy Harnage
Massive Details for Tales of Zestiria!
This week's Famitsu was loaded with new information, and you can find it all here!
07.17.14 - 10:21 AM

Famitsu recently showcased an eight page spread detailing Tales of Zestiria gameplay, new characters, and a slew of minor details.

Featured in the third page above, Baltro and Martran are the newest story characters to be added. Baltro (voiced by Yutaka Nakana) is the current leader of the bureaucracy. As the kingdom is generally moving towards a more political scene, and away from an aristocracy, Baltro is essentially a main figurehead of leadership within the Highland Kingdom. He'll oversee both the bureaucracy and the cabinet ministers, and seems to be very cautious of Slay and the party.

Following Baltro is "The Blue Valkyrie", Maltran. Voiced by Mami Koyama, Maltran is a knight of the Highland Kingdom. As an early teacher of Alishia, she is one of the few who have supported Alishia throughout her life. As both a military adviser and instructing knight, Maltran is famous throughout the kingdoms, and is admired by Alishia.

"Real Map Battles" were also highlighted. These battles allow players to fight enemies on the same map that they explore, which is a departure from previous Tales titles. With that in mind, obstacles and attributes on the battlefield can be interacted with and used to player advantage during fights. Along with this map interaction, a "Map Action" system has also been showcased. This system allows Family of Heaven characters to use special actions that will have an impact on areas of the map. These actions include clearing obstacles, teleporting to different locations further ahead, generating barriers, and so on. This means that it may be worth players' time to return to previously inaccessible areas later in the game to uncover secrets. It can also influence your plan of attack, as hitting enemy symbols on the field at a certain time will grant players combat advantage.

Party members will also be shown following the party leader on the field. This means that interaction with your additional members will be possible, which opens up many additional conversation and character development options. While some will of course be comic relief, additional options will provide players with valuable information.

Lastly, several minor details were released. We've listed these details below:

- While most of the interlude cutscenes are complete, the development team is currently focusing all of their effors on the opening movie.
- The color white has special meaning to Family of Heaven Members, and signifies nobility and refinement.
- Lailah took a special oath in order to obtain the power she has beyond her natural abilities. However, she rarely divulges information about that oath, and will quickly try to cover up any details that may surface concerning it.
- Edna refers to Mikurio as "Mikurio Boy" and appears to be much older than Mikurio.
- Dezel has his reasons for covering up his eyes, as well as why his heart hasn't become impure. Zabeeda also has his own motives for continually hunting Hyouma.

Tales of Zestiria is still in development for the PlayStation 3. We'll be sure to keep you updated on more information as it becomes available!