Mike Salbato
Dreamfall Chapters Gallery Debut
Take another look at the long-awaited sequel.
07.13.14 - 10:55 PM

We've been talking about the forthcoming followup to The Longest Journey and Dreamfall for awhile now. Our most recent update for Dreamfall Chapters featured a trailer that I can't personally watch, since I'm finally playing the first game in the series, and spoilers scare me. But I'm sure it's good!

What we haven't had in our coverage was an image gallery, but thankfully we're rectifying that right now with the debut of our Dreamfall Chapters gallery, featuring screen shots, dreamy artwork, and a packaging concept rendering.

Dreamfall Chapters will, fittingly, be released in episodic format on PC, starting this fall with Book One: Reborn. Four more chapters will follow on undetermined release dates.