Jeremy Harnage
Dragon Age: Inquisition Details and Alpha Gameplay Footage
No more Mabari in combat? Say it isn't so!
07.11.14 - 10:34 PM

Bioware recently provided a great deal of information on Dragon Age: Inquisition via a Q&A session on Raptr.

While many details can be revealed by combing through the Q&A itself, some of the main points were as follows:

- Up to eight different romance paths are currently available, with two requiring players to meet specific race restrictions.
- At least one relationship is available that does not involve one of your own party members.
- The Mabari hound will not return as a combat pet.
- Rogues will now have access to use bows.
- Qunari will not use typical head armor, and will have horns that can be customized.
- Relationships within the game will focus more on what you are doing, as opposed to how many gifts you provide someone.
- No capes!
- Gideon Emery may make a return appearance.
- The main party stronghold will be larger than the camp from Dragon Age: Origins "It's the HQ of your entire Inquisition so there's a TON of people in it to talk and interact with. You can customize your castle, rebuild some things, perform crafting and research etc."
- Cross-class combos will make a return.
- Quick travel will be available to camps you've previously established.
- Customization will play a large role in the title. Players will utilize a new schematic system to build weapons and armor using whatever mixture of materials they wish. Some materials will provide more beneficial stats in one area than another.

It's also worth nothing that the voice actors for the British and American versions were announced for both the male and female Inquisitors. The British male voice actor will be Harry Hadden-Patton, and the American male voice actor will be Jon Curry. The British female voice actor will be Alix Wilton Regan, and the American female voice actor is Sumalee Montano.

Bioware also released a gameplay video narrated and played by creative director Mike Laidlaw. It features an alpha build of the title focusing on Redcliffe Castle. While only a little over 14 minutes long, the video showcases many of the combat and story elements players will have to look forward to this fall.

Dragon Age: Inquisition releases on October 7th this year for PC, Xbox One, Xbox360, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation 3.