Andrew Barker
Indie Adventure Game Quest for Infamy Now Available
Time to earn some Infamy Points.
07.11.14 - 12:18 AM

Originally funded on Kickstarter, Quest for Infamy is now complete and has just been released on PC and Linux.

The story follows William Roehm, a "witty and irreverent bastard," as he arrives in the town of Volksville after slipping out of the Baronís castle in the middle of the night, where he "may or may not have dishonored the manís daughter (spoiler alert: he did)." You can choose to play him as a stealthy Rogue, burly Brigand or spell-wielding Sorcerer as he ventures through the Valley of Krasna to earn Infamy Points.

Quest for Infamy can be purchased on Steam, GoG or through the Phoenix Online Publishing Store for $19.99 USD.