Andrew Barker
New Content Coming to Natural Doctrine in Japan
Hopefully we'll get it here too, once the game is released.
07.10.14 - 7:32 PM

During E3 this year, I had a chance to visit NIS America's booth and be shown a demo of strategy RPG Natural Doctrine. While the game was interesting, it seemed to be over-the-top in terms of unforgiving difficulty. Fortunately, it seems new content coming to Japan will address some of these concerns.

The new content includes an extended tutorial, specific strategic tips for each level, and if that's still not enough, there's now an easier level of difficulty. New checkpoints have been introduced too, so getting a game over will be a little more forgiving.

Aside from these changes, three new missions will also be included for online co-op play. All of this new content applies to all three versions: PlayStation 3, 4 and Vita.

Natural Doctrine will be released in North America on September 16th.