Andrew Barker
Fancy Pattern Vivillon Now Availble in Pokémon X & Y
And it comes with a brand new, never before seen move.
07.07.14 - 9:22 AM

Nearly two months ago, the Pokémon Company announced announced that they would distribute a special "Fancy Pattern" Vivillon once the GTS reached 100 million trades. Today, that number have been met and you can download this unique Vivillon to your copy of Pokémon X/Y (in all regions) via Mystery Gift!

This event Pokémon is at level 12, comes in a Cherish Ball, and knows the moves Gust, Light Screen, Struggle Bug, and Hold Hands.

Don't recognise that last move? Hold Hands cannot be learned by any other Pokémon (including regular Vivillon), and this is the first time it has appeared. According to its description, this Normal-type move lets "The user and an ally hold hands. This makes them very happy." It doesn't appear to have any notable use.

Fancy Pattern Vivillon is available to download until July 31st.