Andrew Barker
Learn More about Risen 3's Guardians' Guild
Plus new screenshots for your viewing pleasure.
07.06.14 - 8:08 PM

In Risen 3: Titan Lords, you'll meet a powerful group called the Guardians who serve the last of the Mages, previously magical counsellors to kings until they were outlawed. They were then exiled to an abbey high in the mountains of Tanaris.

The Guardians are one of many groups you will be able to ally with in the game, and doing so will grant you access to new crystal magic spells. They can also offer combat training and, by advancing through their ranks, you can gain a unique set of armour.

You can take a look at the game in action by checking out the new screenshots in our updated gallery.

Risen 3: Titan Lords is due out on PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 on August 12th in North America, and August 15th in Europe.