Andrew Barker
MangaGamer Localising Otome Visual Novel Ozmafia!!
Those exclamation marks are part of the title. I'm not just really excited.
07.05.14 - 1:00 AM

At their Anime Expo panel, visual novel localising company MangaGamer have announced that they will be bringing otome title Ozmafia!! to English-speaking audiences. The game follows a girl who goes to live with the Oz family, who happen to be associated with the mafia. Just to make things even crazier, each character is based on someone from The Wizard of Oz. Yep, it's true.

No release date has been announced yet, but MangaGamer have stated they will be aiming to release the title on Steam. It's likely they'll also have it for sale on their website.

In related news, it was also announced they would be re-releasing Higurashi When They Cry on Steam with a new translation and updated sprites. Judging from our review, that sounds like a good plan. Again, no release date has been mentioned yet.