Andrew Barker
Final Fantasy XIV's 2.3 Patch Brings in Item Desynthesis
Break it down!
07.04.14 - 9:32 PM

In Final Fantasy XIV's upcoming 2.3 patch, a new Desynthesis mechanic will be introduced. This will let you recycle unwanted equipment and house furnishings and turn them into crafting materials (similar to disenchanting in World of Warcraft, or salvaging in Guild Wars 2).

Each class has their own associated Desynthesis skill points, which max out at 100. However, across all classes you can only have a maximum of 300 points. So, for example, if you have 100 Desynthesis points in Blacksmithing and 100 in Leatherworking, you only have another 100 to split between the rest of your crafting jobs. The more skill points, the better your chance at gaining extra and rarer materials.

When breaking down an item that you previously crafted, there's a chance to recover materials that you originally used. However, there are also exclusive Desynthesis-only items that can be obtained.

To learn about more upcoming features found in patch 2.3 (due out on July 8th), take a look at our E3 feature here. If you'd like to read the official preliminary patch notes, you can find them here.