Jeremy Harnage
Final Fantasy: Artniks Dive Coming to Smartphones
A new free-to-play RPG in the Final Fantasy universe.
07.02.14 - 10:17 PM

Square Enix and Gree Incorporated (a social networking service) have partnered to release Final Fantasy: Artniks Dive in Japan this summer on Android and iOS. The title gives players the option to explore huge maps and dungeons with a party of classic Final Fantasy jobs. Players will also participate in weapon crafting and have the option to summon over 100 different monsters. Additionally, there are in-game collectible cards that will feature classic Final Fantasy characters, enemies, and more. So far, the registration site displays pictures of the Warrior of Light (Final Fantasy), Firion (Final Fantasy II), and Lightning (Final Fantasy XIII).

Pre-registration for the game is already open to Japanese audiences. Those who pre-register and invite a friend will receive the Talisman accessory and the Ice Brand sword. Additional items can also be gained by daily objectives, such as a Chocobo.

For those comfortable with their Japanese, pre-registration is still available here. However, a Gree account is necessary. No western release date has been announced at this time.