Jeremy Harnage
Fairy Fencer F Limited Edition and Release Date Announced
Make sure to get your +1 Beanie of Dedication!
07.02.14 - 10:11 PM

Fairy Fencer F, the Compile Heart RPG from the Neptunia team, is set to release on September 23rd for western audiences. While the game itself is set to sell for $49.99 USD, the limited edition, pictured below, will be available for $74.99.

Featuring artwork from the legendary Yoshitaka Amano, the title focuses on Fang, a young, awkward hero using a weapon left from two gods who were at war long ago. As you can see from above the limited edition also comes with a +1 Beanie of Dedication (insert victory music here)!

Fairy Fencer F is already out in Japan and will be available for North America on September 23rd for the PlayStation 3.