Jeremy Harnage
Spotlight On Danganronpa: Another Episode
We've got a trailer, a release date, and some extra creepy villains to show off!
06.27.14 - 4:00 AM

Details concerning Danganronpa: Another Episode recently surfaced via Famitsu magazine and Spike Chunsoft's YouTube page that have fans eager to get a hold of it. Releasing on PlayStation Vita in Japan, the title takes place between the first and second Danganronpa games. Returning from her short lived role in the original title, Komaru Naegi (the original protagonist's sister) is living in captivity in an apartment in Towa City. After being attacked by Monokuma, she escapes to the outside world and is given a "Megaphone-style Hacking Gun."

Assisting Komaru throughout the game is Ultimate Writing Prodigy Toko Fukawa, a returning character from the first Danganronpa. This also means that Toko Fukawa's second personality, Genocide Jill, will be included, giving players the option to use her stun gun as Toko Fukawa, or the Genocide Jill scissors and clawing attacks.

Lastly, a new trailer shows some of the bosses players will likely encounter throughout Towa City. A group of five children who call themselves the “Warriors of Hope" have begun wearing Monokuma masks and murdering adults. Each child has chosen a unique role, each of which corresponds to an RPG-like role.

Check out the trailer below for shots of both Komaru and Genocide Jill in action. The "Warriors of Hope" also make appearances towards the end.

The "Warriors of Hope" themselves are as follows:

Masaru Daimon (voiced by Megumi Han) - The Hero
Kotoko Utsugi (voiced by Kazusa Aranami) - The Warrior
Jatarou Kemuri (voiced by Sumire Uesaka) - The Monk
Nagisa Shingetsu (voiced by Mariya Ise) - The Sage
Monica (voiced by Aya Hirano) - The Mage

Danganronpa: Another Episode launches for Vita in Japan on September 25th.