Mike Salbato
Get a Better Look at Cloud (and Ifrit) in new Final Fantasy VII G-Bike Screens
You may not have asked for this game, but you know you're going to play it.
06.25.14 - 10:21 PM

Look, Square Enix knows you want that Final Fantasy VII HD remake. But they also know that you'll be impossible to please, making it a risky undertaking.

So instead, as we revealed during E3, you at least get to play as a highly-detailed, modern-day-rendered Cloud as he cruises the streets of Midgar toppling Shinra soldiers and slaying beasts.

During E3, Square Enix revealed a scant three screen shots, but has since released many more - see them all in our gallery here or by clicking on Cloud's big face below:


It's easy to write off this mobile game as a waste of time, but you know you're going to at least play it, just as much as I admit I will be. That's one benefit to the free-to-play model in a case like this - it costs nothing to try...!

Final Fantasy VII G-Bike is coming to iOS and Android, though no release date has been announced yet.