Mike Salbato
Skyforge: First Videos & Screens of the Upcoming MMORPG
From humble beginnings as a mere immortal... wait...
06.25.14 - 10:08 PM

It's tempting to learn about a new MMORPG that does a few things different from the norm and hypothesize that it could change how people play the genre. I won't bore you with that kind of thing here, though I will say, Skyforge has some interesting ideas about character progression. Plus, putting players in the shoes/boots/sandals of immortals on the path to become gods is at least an interesting twist.

Not that I'm here to preview the game - I'm just here to share some media. We have over 29 (read: 30) screen shots in our brand-new Skyforge gallery, and two trailers. First is a general announcement/introduction trailer for the title:

Next up, an overview of Skyforge's character progression system, the "Ascension Atlas," that - at least visually - gives me vibes from both Final Fantasy X and Tales of Xillia. Not that that's a bad thing:

Skyforge is being developed by The Allods Team, known for creating Russia's popular MMORPG, Allods Online. In North America, the company is working with Obsidian Entertainment and My.com to bring the title our way. Currently, Skyforge has no estimated release date, but we'll bring you more on the game as we learn it!