Andrew Barker
Politics Will Play an Important Role in Dreamfall Chapters
Includes some spoilers about the end of Dreamfall and the start of Chapters. You've been warned!
06.23.14 - 4:31 AM

In a recent Kickstarter update, Red Thread Games have revealed more about the early parts of Dreamfall Chapters. A bit of a warning: there are some minor spoilers about the first couple of chapters of the game included.

For those of you who played Dreamfall, you'll remember ZoŽ ended it in a coma. Having awoken from it at the start of this new game, a year later she's working as a volunteer for a political campaign. Specifically, she's supporting Lea Umińska who leads Unity, the social democrats.

As the election for the Chancellor of the Europolis Parliament commences, concerns about shadowy organisation The Syndicate are rising. They've deployed soldiers, set up checkpoints, and have the population under constant surveillance, obviously a step up from Dreamfall.

While the previous two games featured little in the way of politics, the Red Thread team have said that "while the politics begins as a side plot, it will merge in interesting ways with the main plot."

Dreamfall Chapters: The Longest Journey is planned for release on PC, Mac, Linux, and Wii U in November of this year. Other platforms are also being considered.