Liz Maas
E3 2014: A Look At Dawn of the Immortals + Media
Perfect World showed us a fleshed-out mobile MMORPG last week.
06.21.14 - 3:58 PM

Last week at E3 2014, Mike and I met with publisher Perfect World Entertainment, who had a few titles to show us during our visit. Among them was (briefly) the mobile action MMORPG Dawn of the Immortals, a 3D steampunk title that operates in real-time, and gives players daily rewards just for logging in - among other daily quests, of course, such as dungeons.

Dawn of the Immortals has all the MMO dressings: three different classes, lots of customization, guilds, mounts, an auction house, dungeons, world events, group chat and so on. Even the pets, of which there are nearly fifty, can evolve and gain skills, of which there are hundreds that can be learned. In groups of 1-4 players (where spots can be filled in by AI characters if you don't have a full party) you'll be able to tackle dungeons, and world events like waves of enemies preceding a boss fight. Players either tap enemy to initiate their auto-attack, or tap skill buttons on the screen.

Dawn of the Immortals is set for a summer release on iOS and Android, both phones and tablets. Watch a brief teaser trailer here and check out our brand new gallery below!