Stephen Meyerink
E3 2014: Fire Impressions
Yet another upcoming title from adventure gaming powerhouse Daedalic.
06.20.14 - 3:58 PM

At the tail-end of our visit to Daedalic Entertainmentís booth, we caught a brief glimpse of their upcoming foray into casual, mobile adventure gaming: Fire. While it certainly draws its inspiration from its point-and-click older siblings, there are a few wrinkles to this charming title that make it a great entry point to the genre as well as a fun diversion for the veteran crowd.

Players take on the role of an embearded cave person called Ungh, who has inadvertently extinguished his tribeís only fire. Youíll join the squat fellow in a number of insular narrative scenes which advance his story of fire-restoration in some way. Each sequence is a focused play area in which there are a number of tasks to be accomplished in order to move on. However, since the whole game is presented without any dialogue or text, itís up to the player to poke around and figure out how things work.

The game itself is simple, and seems well-suited for children. Its pleasant, sparse animations are often humorous and evocative of Saturday-morning cartoons. The nature of the textless gameplay elicits a sense of experimentation without consequence, encouraging the player to explore how various things in the gameworld work and how to manipulate them to accomplish goals.

While it doesnít have the narrative or emotional depth of your Memorias or Whispered Worlds, Fire looks like a fun, breezy experience that will help introduce young players into the world of adventure gaming, though the ability to experiment and explore could definitely grab the attention of older players, too. Look for this one on mobile devices, PC, and Mac platforms at the end of 2014.