Stephen Meyerink
E3 2014: Blackguards 2 Announcement and Details
No footage, but plenty of info!
06.20.14 - 3:18 PM

For Daedalic Entertainment, the next year or two is shaping up to be just as productive as the last couple have been. While at E3 2014, we got the skinny on one of their upcoming titles, the strategy RPG follow-up Blackguards 2. While the game is still in the earliest production stages, we saw some concept art and graphics, as well as lots of details on planned features, many culled from design team and community feedback on the original Blackguards.

Taking place a few years after the conclusion of the first game, Blackguards 2 tells the story of the cunning, ambitious, and generally unscrupulous Cassia, a woman who desires above all else to rule. Her journey will take her all over the southern area of The Dark Eye’s Aventuria (and to a few locations from the previous title), as she seeks out the masters of the Nine Hordes to help her topple the current despot Marwan.

The planned increase in the scale of the game has panned out the figurative view, as you’ll be leading your troops through a variety of tactical maps, taking supply routes, discovering hidden paths, and capturing enemy estates. Compared to the first game, the progression of the story is promised to be less linear and more adaptable based on your choices and performance. There will be a variety of new monsters drawn from the pen-and-paper fiction, along with many new gameplay mechanics. Stamina, line-of-sight, defensive stances, and cover objects are all planned, along with a new mercenary recruitment system. You’ll be able to enlist the aid of these bottom-liners to aid in training, outfitting, and informing your own campaign; spy units, for example, might offer you information that helps you initiate a pincer or surprise attack on a particular skirmish, or else otherwise go into battle better-prepared than you otherwise would have.

It’s too early to say much else about the game, since what we’ve heard is largely conceptual. Development is still quite a ways out, so it’ll be a while before we see anything more from Blackguards 2. However, if Daedalic’s previous work is any indication, fans of the last game should have plenty to look forward to whenever it eventually does make its grand entrance on the RPG scene.