Mike Salbato
E3 2014: New Media for Fantasy Life
Oh, so this game is coming here after all!
06.18.14 - 11:32 PM

The last time we talked about LEVEL-5's Fantasy Life, we said "Fantasy Life is set for release on December 27th [2012] in Japan. No word yet on if it will be released elsewhere." Now, nearly two years later, Nintendo of America announces plans to bring the 3DS title to North America.

Our gallery has been stagnant for a long time, so we're happy to have added a bunch of new images - new screen shots, plenty of character artwork, and the game's packaging (which is identical to the Japanese box art; a nice touch). Check it all out in our Fantasy Life gallery.

Then look for Fantasy Life for 3DS this October. We'll have more coverage on this overdue title in the meantime!