Mike Salbato
E3 2014: Story of Seasons Media Update
It's not quite Harvest Moon, but not quite NOT Harvest Moon...
06.17.14 - 10:26 PM

Story of Seasons from XSEED Games and Marvelous doesn't hide its roots in the Harvest Moon series (no, that's not a farm pun... but it could have been). Meant as the beginning of a new chapter in the venerable farming sim, the charming Story of Seasons shows quite a bit of promise, and is a fine example of just how far this type of game has come since Harvest Moon on the SNES.

I only put in a little bit of time with the title at XSEED's booth, but I enjoyed the time I spent petting animals, harvesting crops, and talking to the locals. Some of us had more time with it, however, and will soon share more in-depth impressions. In the meantime, we've updated our Story of Seasons gallery with new screen shots, some adorable character art, as well as the all-new trailer seen here:

Story of Seasons is coming to the Nintendo 3DS this winter.