Jeremy Harnage
Final Fantasy Explorers Announced for the 3DS
Get ready to choose your starting class!
06.14.14 - 3:42 PM

Jump magazine recently showcased an article announcing upcoming Nintendo 3DS title Final Fantasy Explorers.

Developed by Square Enix, the action RPG seems to be in the vein of previous Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles titles. Listed as a multiplayer RPG, the title supports up to four players simultaneously.

So far the article only outlines four classes (Black Mage, White Mage, Monk, and Knight) and the basic premise of the game. Players will be tasked with gathering crystals by battling monsters based off multiple generations of summons, with Ifrit being the highlight of this specific article. It also states that multiple weapons will be available for players to use, providing customization options for those looking to make a class their own.

We're hoping they include additional classes and races, but so far this is all that we have to work with. Listing as still being development, we could also be a long ways away from a release date as well. However, with just this page to work off of, we're already excited for this 3DS title. Keep checking back with us for more information onFinal Fantasy Explorers!