Dave Yeager
E3 2014: Storypops
Something for the kids.
06.12.14 - 6:16 PM

Although this is not the type of thing that typically falls in our coverage, I wanted to share something I got to play with at this year's E3 Indiecade that could be of real interest to the parents in our readership out there.

Storypops was part of a graduate thesis by Anna Lotko that turned into the founding of a mobile games company called Localite. The concept of Storypops is to change the way pop up books are presented so that kids and parents can play together.

The first effort, playable at E3, was a retelling of the classic tale Stone Soup. While a parent could control an iPad and the pace of the story, a child can interact with what is happening on the iPad through their iPhone. Each page presents a new way for the child to engage directly with the story. One example included blowing into the microphone to make a pinwheel spin, which in turn resulted in the wind blowing on the page of the story. Another example allowed the child with the phone to tilt it, pouring water off the screen which would land in the cooking pot on the iPad.

Amidst the general machismo of this year's E3 it was nice to see something that was designed to bring parents closer to their kids - the links below let you see this in action.

We now return you to your regularly scheduled blood and guts.