Andrew Barker
E3 2014: Danganronpa 2 Trailer And Details
Meet Usami and learn about Hope Fragments.
06.12.14 - 4:43 AM

NIS America have released a new trailer for Danganronpa 2 for PlayStation Vita, plus some new details. The story follows new "Ultimate" students who find themselves stranded on a desert island after the engine is removed from their plane. Usami, a friendlier counterpart of Monokuma, takes up the responsibility of their teacher.

The goal of the game, at least in the early stages, is to get along with everyone. As you become friendlier, you gain Hope Fragments for each NPC. Usami has requested you earn all of them. A new third-person side-scrolling view has been introduced to move between different locations on the island, and a New Game+ will be available after you clear the game.

Check out the new E3 trailer below: