Dave Yeager
E3 2014: A Visit To Little Orbit
Adventure Time, Falling Skies and Mistborn await.
06.11.14 - 1:19 AM

Fellow editor Mike Salbato and I stopped by Little Orbit's meeting room to get some updates on their latest projects. The studio specializes in games that crossover with other popular media. They've expanded their portfolio with both a new Adventure Time game based on the Cartoon Network show, and a Falling Skies game based on the hit TNT show.

The mechanics of both games will be very familiar to fans of Zelda and the new X-Com respectively. Adventure Time promises an estimated 10 hours of gameplay, and should be released on November 18th on PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Nintendo DS, and Steam.

We asked about the long delayed Mistborn: Birthright game based on the increasingly popular author Brandon Sanderson's breakthrough novels. However, it appears the status of the game remains in limbo since Little Orbit shared news towards the end of 2013 regarding half of the development team moving to another publisher. That same Facebook update assured that the story Sanderson wrote for the game back in 2012 will remain intact, but fans will need to wait a while longer.