Andrew Barker
New Drakengard DLC Now Available
Music, costumes, and prologues for Zero's sisters!
06.04.14 - 2:57 AM

The second round of DLC for Drakengard 3 has just hit the PlayStation Network, and it includes new costumes, music and prologue stories for Zero's sisters.

The Sister Prologues each contain a playable story where you take on the role of Zero or one of sisters (excluding One). Two, Three, Four, Five and Zero each have their playable level, and all (excluding Two) have a new PSN trophy to earn. They are priced at $5.99 USD each, or can be bought in a bundle for $29.99 USD.

For costumes, Zero will be able to wear Furiae's Garb (from the original Drakengard) to reduces damage taken by 5%. There is also Eris's Garb (from Drakengard 2) which eliminates stamina loss while guarding. Both are priced at $2.99 USD.

Finally, there is the Intoner Arrange Tracks. A new music pack that replaces the standard track used when Zero enters Intoner Mode. It's priced at $1.99 USD.