Jeremy Harnage
New Elizabeth And Margaret Persona Q Character Trailers
The Velvet Room sisters each get their own trailer for the upcoming dungeon crawler.
06.01.14 - 2:02 AM

Continuing their stream of character trailers, Atlus have released two new videos for Persona Q: Shadow of the Labyrinth. They feature Persona 4's Margaret and Persona 3's Elizabeth.

Margaret is shown below:

Followed by Elizabeth:

So far, Atlus have already released trailers for the protagonists of both Persona 3and Persona 4, Koromaru, Kanji, Ken and Naoto, Fuuka and Rise, Aigis, Teddy, Junpei and Yukari, Rei and Zen, Shinjiro Aragaki and Yukiko Amagi, Akihiko Sanada and Chie Satonaka, Mitsuru Kirijo, and Yosuke Hanamura. The rest of the videos can be found on Atlus' YouTube page.

Persona Q: Shadow of the Labyrinth will release on June 5th in Japan for the Nintendo 3DS. The North American release doesn't have an official date just yet, but is currently slated for Fall 2014.