Corey Romeyn
Oreshika: Tainted Bloodlines Details And Remake Demo
So information. Much battle system.
05.29.14 - 6:32 PM

Last week, Sony Japan revealed quite a bit of new gameplay information for Oreshika: Tainted Bloodlines. Included in this release were details of the two sets of special abilities that players utilize in combat, how a new character named Kochin functions in the game, and even information on the limited-time demo version of the first Oreshika remake.

First, Justu:

  • Jutsu are in-combat abilities which have offensive, healing, and supportive capabilities.
  • They consume "Skills Points," represented by a blue bar.
  • If multiple characters in your party know and use the same Jutsu, you can combine and chain Jutsu to perform Combo Jutsu. You can discover rare items and contain enemy commanders, making battles both more profitable and less difficult.

Second, Ougi:

  • Ougi are also in-combat abilities, but unlike Jutsu, Ougi consume energy from your "Stamina." The lower your stamina bar is the chance of dying increases. Use Ougi only when you run out of options and the battle must be won at any cost (think a last resort method).
  • Ougi are acquired through levelling up. Characters will create new Ougi as their battle parameters increase.
  • Unlike Jutsu, Ougi can be inherited through other characters. If a parent and child have the same job class, the parent may be able to pass on Ougi they’ve already developed by making the child go through training.
  • Ougi can die with a character as well, so if you want a child to inherit Ougi, make sure that you train it before the parent dies.

Next, new character Kochin:

  • Kochin will offer suggestions as for what the player should do throughout a given month. You can choose to have Kochin automatically decide for you or you can opt to have the final say in all decisions.
  • Every month, Kochin with write up a new diary entry, detailing specific events that occurred within the last month, allowing the player to reflect on what’s gone on that month.
  • Kochin also provides a bestiary, a terminology guide, and a family history, allowing the player to keep tabs on how far they’ve come.

Last but not least, the remake demo will be available from May 8th, 2014 to July 16, 2014 in Japan. It will allow the player to view the entire storyline of the first game, Ore no Shikabane wo Koeteyukei.

Oreshika: Tainted Bloodlines will be available in Japan on July 17th for the PlayStation Vita. It has been announced for localisation in the west, but no date has been given for release.