Andrew Barker
Nintendo Files Delta Emerald Trademark In Japan
Will we see a remake of the third Generation III Pokémon title?
05.29.14 - 8:48 AM

Though we have barely seen anything of Pokémon Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire yet, Nintendo have filed a trademark in Japan for "Delta Emerald." The mark was initially filed on May 2nd, and made public today on the 29th.

While Pokémon Emerald is indeed the third game in the original Hoenn trilogy, Nintendo have not announced or indicated they have any plans to release a remake of the game. Considering they never remade either Yellow or Platinum, it's likely this trademark was filed for protection, or to simply leave their options open. It's not uncommon for Nintendo, and other developers, to file trademarks and never use them. Still, with the success of X & Y, you never know...