Jeremy Harnage
Final Fantasy Agito Video Showcase
Six new videos detailing the mobile title surface for your viewing pleasure.
05.14.14 - 3:27 AM

Recently Japanese gaming publication Famitsu released six new videos detailing the upcoming smartphone title Final Fantasy Agito. Originally released for the PSP under the name Final Fantasy Type-0, this version will be free-to-play. However, it will also support several types of microtransactions, allowing players to purchase everything from items to health upgrades.

The smartphone version, releasing for iOS and Android, will also feature enhanced visuals and be presented in a chapter-like format, which will release bi-weekly. Below are the six new videos recently released highlighting specific elements of the title.

Character Creation

Voice Selection

Armor Selection


Fountain Plaza

and lastly, some dialogue

While each video is rather short, they give a good idea of what players can expect from the title itself.

While Final Fantasy Agito releases this month in Japan, no date has been listed as far as a Western release. However, Final Fantasy Agito producer Hajime Tabata previously stated that Final Fantasy Agito would be localized for Western markets at some point. European fans will also be excited to know that Square Enix has already registered trademarks for the title and logo in Europe as well. We'll be sure to keep you updated on more news for this title as it happens!