Corey Romeyn
Potential Release and Localization of Dragon Quest X?
A sliver of hope from Square Enix.
05.14.14 - 3:18 AM

In a financial results briefing, Square Enix quietly revealed that making Dragon Quest X available to "overseas markets" is "under consideration." As of late, there has been very little mentioned about the prolific Dragon Quest series outside of Japan. This information is buried on slide 12 of 29 in this document from the briefing.

However, I would caution that before all of our hopes and dreams get riled up that we take note; this particular section of Square Enix's presentation is under the heading "Expansion of Overseas Businesses, primarily in Asia." It likely has little or nothing to do with a western release of the game. Still, a contemplation of localization anywhere provides an incredibly welcome bit of hope for all fans outside of Japan.

Dragon Quest X has already been released for multiple platforms in Japan: Wii, Wii U, PC and Android devices.