Mike Salbato
Battle Princess of Arcadias Coming in June
Get your mind out of the gutter. I know what you were thinking.
05.11.14 - 8:56 PM

We haven't heard much from NISA about Battle Princess of Arcadias since February, when they announced plans to localize the PS3 action RPG. Now, the company has announced a release date, and like a few other recent announcements, that date isn't too far off.

Released in Japan last July, gamers in both North America and Europe will be able to take control of Battle Princess Plume next month. A PlayStation 3 title being sold exclusively through the PlayStation Store, the title will be released on June 17th in North America, and June 18th in Europe.

Can I get nostalgic for a minute and comment on how great it is to see so many games coming to Europe now? I was always sad that you guys missed out on so many greats in the 16-bit and 32-bit days (Chrono Cross...), so it's nice to see so many games coming to both North America and Europe from companies like NISA.

Oh, and we have new screen shots for Battle Princess of Arcadias too, so check those out. We will undoubtedly have some hands-on impressions from E3 next month.