Jeremy Harnage
Fighting Styles And New Locations In Tales of Zestiria Detailed
And a new trailer to boot!
04.28.14 - 6:55 PM

Additional information concerning newest character Lyla (or Lyra/Lailah, depending on translation) in Tales of Zestiria has recently surfaced via a Famitsu online preview.

Lyla, voiced by Miyu Matsuki, is 5'8", will use paper strips as her weapon of choice, and was designed by Mutsumi Inomata (known for her characters throughout the Talesseries).

The preview also detailed several of the battle styles that will be used by both humans and members of the Family of Heaven (or Heavenly Tribe). What we know so far is that humans will specialize in melee, close-range fighting styles. They will also be adept at drawing enemy attention away from other party members. However, if surrounded by enemies, they'll be able to use their Arcane Artes to give themselves some breathing room.

As the counter-balance to the human fighting styles, Family of Heaven characters will typically specialize in attacking from mid-to-far ranges. While most will need to begin by building energy up close, it has been noted that most Heaven Echo Artes will be long range spells.

Mikurio and Edna were both specifically highlighted in detail regarding how they will battle foes.

Family of Heaven member Mikurio will generate spiritual power at close range using his rod. This power can then be unleashed as a projectile, a homing attack, a counter, and more. His speciality will be single-target healing. His artes revealed so far are as follows: Splash, Twin Flow, Violet High, Slicing Water, and Reaching Water.

Edna, another Family of Heaven member, will begin fights up close with her umbrella. Upon opening the umbrella, spiritual energy will be released in multiple forms, including projectiles. These attacks can also be used as an AoE or to slow the enemy. Her artes revealed so far are: Air Pressure, Rock Lance, Final Embrace, Powder Snow, and Sky.

A second trailer for the game was also released via NicoNico Super Conference 3. It, of course, teases the plot of the story, as well as showing some great scenes of battle footage.

Additional information and screenshots were also released concerning more of the in-game areas and Lyla. Lake Pillow Heights, the Lady of the Lake Sanctuary, and Vivia Water Ruins are all pictured accordingly.

Tales of Zestiria is being developed for PlayStation 3, but does not yet have a release date. Be sure to check out our updated gallery for screenshots on these great locations, fighting styles, characters, and more!