Jeremy Harnage
Massive Tales of Zestiria Update
Character breakdowns, monster motivators, and screenshots galore.
04.02.14 - 6:56 PM

Thanks to recent issues of VJump and Famitsu magazine, as well as additional screenshot releases, we're overflowing with Tales of Zestiria information.

New information concerning recently announced character, Edna, was highlighted in Famitsu.

What we know about Edna is that, despite her cute appearance (and parasol), she is actually quite cold. Hailing from the Heavenly Tribe, she uses the "Heavenly Echo" artes to harness earth elemental attacks. We also know that she has spent quite a long time alone on the divine mountain Reiforc. When she does speak with others, she tends to use her words to tease and ridicule them. The only time that she does get emotional is when things involve her brother, her only remaining family.

The article also gave us a better look at the fighting styles of both Slay and Alicia.

Using a ceremonial sword found in an ancient ruin, Slay uses quick agile attacks to defeat foes. He can also be seen using elemental artes to enhance these attacks, thus giving him a wide range of options for quickly getting in and out of fights. Alicia can be seen using a large spear and coordinating her movement with her skills. While some decisions may leave her open to counter-attacks, she can use additional artes to dynamically move around the battlefield and ensure she stays ahead of enemies.

Lastly, VJump gave us a better look at the central plot of the story, as well as the unclean, or Hyouma, that plague the world.

Originally known as the impurities of the world, the Hyouma are actually normal creatures that have been corrupted by the impure thoughts of humans. In the example above, the thoughts of "WORLD DOMINATION!" lead to a boar transforming into a Hyouma. We also know that many areas will need to be purified, as the Unclean areas spell danger for The Divine (Tenzoku).

Currently in development for the PlayStation 3, no release date is available at this time. Be sure to check out our gallery for larger versions of the images above as well as additional artwork and screenshots!