Liz Maas
Meet Blackguards' Key Characters
Daedalic and a Dark Eye turn-based RPG? Score.
09.21.13 - 6:56 PM

In just under two months Daedalic Entertainment will release a turn-based RPG set in the world of The Dark Eye, called Blackguards. Although we've seen several of these characters in the game's media, we have a little bit more info on three characters, all who are on your side.

Takate, a gladiator, grew up in the jungles of South Aventuria only to be abducted during his rite of passage on his way to become a warrior. He was taken to the arena of El'Halem to serve as a slave and a sparring partner for the gladiators there, all for entertainment. Of course, all that fighting had to give him an advantage, as did his growing up in and battling the wild when he was younger, and he makes his way through the ranks and eventually becomes a champion. Even so, his dislike for slave traders and higher class citizens remains as he eventually joins the Blackguards.

Sisters Niam and Salva, the bastard half-elven children of a baron were both disowned after their mother died, and so they grew up with Niam, the older sister, taking care of Salva. However, once Salva was old enough to become independent, Niam's newfound freedom led her to the wrong crowds, dreamweed, and an addiction to a drug called gods-sage, a habit which she supports by selling pelts as poacher in town. Ultimately she abandons her sister entirely by fleeing from the law and into the wilderness. Once she meets up with the Blackguards, Salva resurfaces, but very ill, without a voice and catatonic, forcing Niam to scramble and search for a cure.

The Blackguards would eventually cross paths with Master Urias ay Kalamal, who'd served under Empress Amene when he was once a hero to many people. Once fond of arts and philosophy, these days he is more preoccupied with the death of his daughter Elanor and hunting down her murderer and making him pay. Urias has his work cut out for him as this murderer, with the help of dark magic, as even those who had arrested him (or her) didn't live to tell the tale, not to mention the accused as well as several other inmates have escaped Neetha's dungeons.

Blackguards for PC and Mac will release on November 19th.