Liz Maas
Video: A Look At Yuna's Costume Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII
Summoner Lightning? Somehow it lacks a certain ring to it.
09.21.13 - 3:02 PM

You probably heard a while ago that one of Lightning's many costumes in Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII is Yuna's summoner garb from Final Fantasy X. Months ago, it looked rather ill-fitting on her but it looks pretty decent now:

(We have some screens and art too, if you want a 'still' look at the outfit.) Square Enix hasn't specified whether this will be obtainable in-game or as DLC. That said, this does seem like a strange costume choice for Lightning, but so does the catgirl one from Final Fantasy XIV. It's a good thing there will be over 80 costumes for Lightning.

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII goes on sale February of next year.