Liz Maas
Aksys Brings Sorcery Saga, The Curry-Making RPG Out West
Can I be cursed by a curry god? Please?
07.08.13 - 6:57 PM

Earlier this year, Compile Heart released a PlayStation Vita dungeon-crawling roguelike called Holy Sorcery Story in Japan. A few months after the developer said it was actively seeking out an overseas publisher, they appear to have found one. At this past weekend's Anime Expo, Aksys Games announced it had licensed the title, which is now known as Sorcery Saga: The Curse of the Great Curry God.

Curry isn't just in the title for fun; you could say it's a... key ingredient. (I'll show myself out now.) Sorcery Saga's main character, Pupuru, heads into dungeons specifically to seek out ingredients for a 'legendary' curry recipe. Originally, she sets out to find a magical sphere so that she can graduate from Sorcery Academy.. and instead finds an old book with this legendary recipe. Although she failed to find the sphere and ultimately her graduation test, the local curry shop has just shut down, so what's a girl to do now, but set out to make the ultimate curry?

Appropriately enough, the game starts out in Dish Town where you can visit local curry shops, rest, and so on. Explore the world map to find dungeons, where you'll not just fill out your recipes, but collect other items and equipment as well. The further you explore, the tougher the foes get, and once you clear a dungeon you'll get a ranking based on stats, EXP, money and items collected, and so on.

Like Shiren the Wanderer, enemies will only move after your character's turn. Your level resets when you leave a dungeon, and when you die in a dungeon, you'll automatically wake up in town... but you'll have lost any treasures you found there. Pupuru is followed by a creature named Kuusii, and while you don't need to worry about HP with him, you do need to make sure he's fed or he'll become unhappy with you. Similarly, he doesn't gain EXP, but feeding him certain items will level him up.

The dungeons are filled with trap treasure chests, swarms of monsters (including ones that might be too strong for your level), and even merchants who will sell you goods - but won't take kindly if you cast, say, a spell on them. Seeing as you're on the hunt for food-related items, your enemies include fish, eggplants, meat buns, tofu mobs, shrimp, cute creatures like cats and turtles, and even more typical monsters like elves and dragons.

Want to know what else you're in for? Watch the opening and a couple of Japanese trailers here, and check out our gallery linked below.

Sorcery Saga: The Curse of the Great Curry God for PS Vita releases inn North America later this year.