Mike Salbato
Guild Wars 2: Review Journal Part 1
Rob dives into Guild Wars 2 and he has so much to say about it, we're trying something new for the review.
09.02.12 - 11:03 PM

Reviewing MMORPGs is tough: They're constantly changing, especially at launch. Your playing experience can vary wildly between server uptime, the amount of players online, and dozens of other factors. Not to mention, our general policy is to review a game after finishing it - even if you could generally "finish" the main story of an MMO, this contrasts with timeliness, since potential players - that's you! - want to see our thoughts on the game sooner rather than later.

So, for Guild Wars 2, our review editor and favorite podcast host Robert Steinman proposed something different: A review journal. Each entry is going to touch on a few aspects of the game as he plays, instead of trying to compress a massive amount of information into a (rushed) review.

In his own words:

Guild Wars 2 is huge. Seriously, there's just no way that any reviewer can give an an honest assessment of an MMO after only a few short days. In an effort to mitigate this shortcoming of the review process, we've decided to cover ArenaNet's latest in a more journal-like way. This will hopefully highlight the changing landscape of the game, as well as help us to analyze the title in the long-term manner that is necessary for the genre.

So, all that out of way, we're pleased to be posting Entry 1 of Rob's Guild Wars 2 Review Journal, "This is My Story!" Read it now, and stick with us as we gradually roll out future updates - and eventually, a score. Due to the nature of the game and this process, we felt it made the most sense to not assign a score just yet.