Mike Salbato
Final Fantasy Dimensions Now Available
A 2D classic-style Final Fantasy that's not a port? Sign me up!
08.31.12 - 12:51 PM

It didn't happen at 8pm PST/11pm EST like we expected, but sometime last night Square Enix released Final Fantasy Dimensions for iOS. And, unlike another recent high-profile release, is a Universal binary for iPhone/iPod touch/iPad.

As we previously discussed, you can download the game for free and also play through the apparently-lengthy prologue (188 MB in size) before having to pay anything. In fact, that's all you can play right now as Square Enix has identified a problem with the In-App Purchase system in this initial release, preventing players from purchasing the remaining chapters. The company has already confirmed a fix is on the way, since it's obviously in their best interest to allow people to, you know, give them money. Wow, talk about quick - not only on Square Enix's part but Apple's as well: The updated version (1.0.1) has already been released, so this issue is fixed! Get shopping!

But, Mike, you ask, how much is this going to cost me? Unlocking chapter 1 costs a mere $2.99 (USD), while chapters 2-4 are $9.99 each. Alternatively, you can download all chapters in a set for the reduced price of $28.99. While might seem like a lot - especially for an iOS game - it is half the price the Japan paid for a simpler mobile version of this game before it landed on smartphones. So in that sense, it's almost a bargain! Not to mention, we don't often - if ever - see a brand-new 2D, classic-style Final Fantasy game released. Rounding out the In-App Purchase options is a $9.99 Chiptune BGM pack that allows you to swap the game's music for a "Chiptune Arrange" set.

Be sure to check out our Final Fantasy Dimensions gallery for plenty of English screens. We're working to have a review for you soon as well!

Finally, while Square Enix has said the game is also being planned for Android devices, no release information has been given yet.

iTunes link:
Final Fantasy Dimensions (Free-ish)