Liz Maas
Dragon Fantasy Book II Announced
Look for the 16-bit styled RPG on PS3 and Vita next year.
08.29.12 - 6:31 PM

Today Muteki Corp. announced that it is working on a followup to its classic 8-bit styled RPG, Dragon Fantasy. Titled Dragon Fantasy Book II, the sequel is headed to PlayStation 3 and Vita early next year - and with a few upgrades. The title, which is said to be 'massive,' gets not only graphical and musical improvements, but a new battle system as well.

The 16-bit style also harkens back to the days of Mode7, a tech which gave games of the early 90s era a 3D look. Because the old, very traditional battle system of the first game would not work in the sequel, Muteki built a new system which does not require the game to go to a separate screen for battles.

Finally, a brand new feature is multiplayer support. Up to four players can fight in the same battles, though everyone can still explore and fight on their own if they choose, or even join a fight still in progress. You can fight your friends in a coliseum mode as well.

Dragon Fantasy Book II is said to have taken quite a departure from the first game, and, obviously, has been in development for quite some time. It looks like the title will support cross-platform play, and, for those of us who never played the original Dragon Fantasy, Muteki says it is working on making this title also available to PS3 and Vita players.

Dragon Fantasy Book II will be on display at this weekend's PAX Prime.