Liz Maas
Thought 999 Had A Lot Of Endings? Its Sequel Has Even More!
Extreme Escape Adventure: Good People Die is going to keep people busy.
01.12.12 - 4:29 PM

If you thought getting six endings in 999: Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors was a lot (I only got five, but thankfully one was the true ending...), just wait until its Nintendo 3DS/PlayStation Vita sequel is out. Famitsu claims that Extreme Escape Adventure: Good People Die has 24 endings. Yes, twenty-four, all depending on the choices you make as the main character Sigma, and who dies, of course. (To find out more about the ambidex game that the kidnapped cast must play, go here.

Some paths will be blocked off until you've reached certain requirements. And on subsequent playthroughs, Sigma will have some memories from your previous playthroughs. (Sound familiar, 999 fans?)

Good People Die will also have two difficulties: Easy (which gives you hints when you enter a room) and Hard. In addition to the usual puzzles, Chunsoft has added some block-pushing puzzles too. Fun?

Extreme Escape Adventure: Good People Die releases in Japan on February 16th. A western release had not yet been announced.