Liz Maas
Root Double: Before Crime * After Days PV, Japanese Date
See what Ever17's director has in store.
01.02.12 - 1:26 AM

Root Double: Before Crime * After Days is the next visual novel from Yeti and Ever17's director, Takumi Nakazawa. The Xbox 360 title takes place in 2030 AD after an accident at a research facility, one which serves as a major part of the game's city and its 180,00 residents. Those inside the government-run facility aren't allowed contact with anyone outside unless they have permission.

After the accident, you have two routes to choose from. In each you'll get a different protagonist and meet different characters. In one path, Watase Kasasagi is a part of the search and rescue team, but lost his memory in a previous, unrelated incident. Take the other path and you will follow Natsuhiko, a high school student and a loner who was at the lab the day of the accident. His mother is a scientist who is apparently more interested in her research than paying attention to him.

You can find the game's newest promo video below.

Root Double: Before Crime * After Days for the Xbox 360 has a March 29th date in Japan.