Liz Maas
Dragon Quest X Online's Item Synthesis, Mage Job
Some screens and tidbits.
12.18.11 - 2:57 AM

Square Enix's Dragon Quest X Online may not have been present at this weekend's Jump Festa, but it was still a topic of discussion during the show. Producer Yosuke Saito and director Jin Fujizawa said that even though the game will start out with six jobs, more may be added later on, including ones unusual to the series. Other tidbits include Wii and Wii U players being able to play the game together, and that the beta is expected to take place in either February or March of next year.

As soon as you register in a guild, you'll be able to use item synthesis by gathering both the items and recipes both while you're out on the field and at item shops around town. When you've made a new item, you can either use it yourself or sell it at either a shop or the bazaar (where other players can buy it), but only at the bazaar you can set your own price. You can have other 'jobs' in the game too - artisan ones that is, like blacksmith. Your 'work' will be carried out in minigames, such as crafting the weapons properly. This job will teach you skills in your job in the game, too - leveling up gets you new ones.

In the newest screens in our gallery below, you can have a look at the item synthesis and artisan jobs, plus the mage job and its various weapons. Dragon Quest X Online for the Wii is due out in Japan sometime next year. The Wii U version does not yet have a set release window.