Liz Maas
Extreme Escape Adventure: Good People Die's Promo Animation
And a demo with the Japanese Vita launch... this weekend.
12.16.11 - 2:45 AM

As recently mentioned, Chunsoft's successor to 999: Nine Hours Nine Persons Nine Doors, titled Extreme Escape Adventure: Good People Die would get a promotional anime from the studio Gonzo. The animation, which runs for just under 13 minutes, sets up the story and reintroduces some of the game's cast - main character Sigma, Phi, Yotsuba (or Clover), Alice, and several others. You also get Phi explaining the ambidex game - in Japanese, of course.

Here is the full promo clip:

The visual novel title will also get a PlayStation Vita demo, and very soon. When the Vita launches this weekend in Japan, the demo will be available on the PlayStation Network. Also a Nintendo 3DS title, Extreme Escape Adventure: Good People Die is due out in Japan on February 16th.