Liz Maas
Mass Effect 3 Screens Added
No, no FemShep... yet.
08.29.11 - 9:17 PM

Remember what I was saying yesterday about being drip-fed Mass Effect 3 media? Apparently I lied. Conveniently enough, BioWare today sent over another batch of screenshots from this past weekend's PAX Prime in Seattle. There may be no FemShep yet, but you'll find old friends in the batch below. Looks like Garrus is a little less.. wounded than he was in Mass Effect 2.

Screen Screen Screen Screen Screen Screen

We also added a packaging page to the gallery so you can have a look at that collector's edition's contents in case you missed it back at E3... or just wanted to look at it again. The final episode on Shepard's story is due out next March.