Liz Maas
Final Fantasy Type-0 News Roundup
Characters, more gameplay clips and more.
08.26.11 - 2:30 AM

The latest Final Fantasy Type-0 update has a bit of everything: New characters, a handful of gameplay clips, and a whole lot of new screenshots. The newly introduced characters include playable characters from Class Zero, and more l'Cie.

From Class Zero, the calm Trey, who likes to make sure he looks good, also uses a bow and arrow into battle. His special abilities include arrow rain, longbow and Blizzard. Cinque carries a mace and can cause earthquakes which can stun enemies. Cater is confident and sometimes rather... blunt. Since she uses a magic gun, her Attribute Shot allows her to add elemental attributes to her bullets without using up MP. It looks like you'll be able to perform combination attacks with three of your characters.

The newest l'Cie characters include Zhuyu and Qun'mi. Zhuyu is actually from Suzaku, the same nation as Class Zero. Because the kingdom's symbol is fire, he is able to perform fire magic. Once a student at your Peristylium, he is now starting to lose his emotion, and so wears his cadet uniform to remind himself of who he is. Whereas Zhuyu has been l'Cie for quite some time, Qun'mi is a recent l'Cie, and is from Milites, the invading kingdom. Needless to say, like Gilgamesh, she's a pretty powerful enemy. She is completely dressed in armour and can control a Magitek-like mech called Dainsleif. This mech has both the Crystal Jammer technology - as Milites is really interested in the other nations' crystals - and an ability to fire off tons of missiles.

Square also shared some clips of a few summons and the Phantoma system. Below are Ifrit, Shiva, Golem and Odin.

Finally, you'll find nearly 60 new screens in the gallery linked below. Next month's Tokyo Game Show will see a new demo for the game which will involve some of these more recently-introduced characters. Final Fantasy Type-0 for the PSP releases in Japan on October 13th.